Dikgang Tlhaolang

Dikgang Tlhaolang was born the 20th day of June 1946 at Modipane in the Kgatleng territory under the then Bechuanaland Protectorate. He is the third born after two sisters of Sabata and Mmathoma Tlhaolang.


This day of the 26 Nov 1982 could not in any way elude the intent of Evangelist Dikgang Tlhaolang for he could not have forgiven himself if Bakae Makgana could tie the knot before him! When Pastor Bakae Makgana’s date for tying the knot which set for December 1982 was approaching rapidly Evangelist Tlhaolang was determined against all odds that he was going to beat it and he did by 23 days. Tlhaolang married the woman of his heart Julia Babui of Makopong.

In the middle of solemnization the marriage officer Pastor William Scheffers stopped and looked the Groom in the eye and said “Brother Dikgang, a mosadi e montle?” meaning, “Brother Dikgang is this woman beautiful?” The Groom answered in the affirmative. Pastor Scheffers continued by another statement which was sharp and penetrating “Brother Dikgang ke e buditse, gore a mosadi e montle? Ya nkaraba yare ee Moruti Mosadi e montle, ga ke batle go e utlwa ka moso ere mosadi ga e montle!” meaning “Brother Dikgang I have asked you if the woman is beautiful, and you answered me saying yes Pastor she is beautiful, I don’t want to hear you tomorrow saying that the woman is not beautiful!” Then he continued with the solemnization process.

The Tlhaolang’s are blessed with three boys and a girl.


On the 10th of February 1979 Tlhaolang’s call into the ministry was discussed and finalized that he should serve as an Evangelist of the Church and that his services will be of great benefit to the church since he will be in a position to visit those places which were not receiving regular visits from the Superintendent and other full time workers. His salary was set at P60.00 per month.

From the 18th to the 31st March 1979 a Team led by Brother Dikgang Tlhaolang went to Maun for a crusade and 15 people were baptized. Other team members were Pastor Allan Mokoka and Brother Bakae Makgana.

Evangelist Dikgang Tlhaolang was assigned Manyana and Ramotswa Assemblies as his base station from November 1982.

In December 1992 Pastor Dikgang Tlhaolang was posted to Thamaga Assembly where is now after graduating from Central Bible College in that same year.

He was ordained as a full time worker of the Apostolic Faith Mission on the 17 October 1987 in Bloemfontein South Africa.

Prior to his call into Ministry in 1979 Dikgang Tlhaolang was actively employed at Hanoya Company as a panel beater. The Lord however had a better plan for him, to straighten up lives of men and women. Tlhaolang is not an ordinary man, he believes that when you claim to be born again your life must show works of salvation or else he would penal beat you up by himself!

It is said that in the late 1970 one certain Sister got saved and Tlhaolang was suspicious that the Sister was cohabiting even though she vehemently denied that and Tlhaolang took it upon himself to bring the truth to the surface by secretly guarding the sister and the suspected man, and it happened that he sported the two together entering the house of the sister at odd times of the night and called in one Brother to come and be a witness as he confronts the culprits!

At another occasion he heard allegations that his song leader during crusades was proposing love on the new converts, he wasted no time but guarded his movements and when he caught him carrying out his unwanted behavior he literally beat him up for “scattering instead of gathering him” he said!


Pastor Tlhaolang was not privileged in his childhood to have gone for formal schooling however he did not take this as an impassable chasm in that he enrolled for his Standard 1 in 1975 however he was only able to go as far as standard 2 in 1976. These two years were a miracle to Pastor Tlhaolang in that they helped him to advance to a Diploma in Ministry certificate. He graduated for Ministerial Diploma from Botswana Bible Training Institute on 31st day of July 1983. In 1991 Pastor Dikgang Tlhaolang went for further studies at Central Bible College in South Africa and received an attendance certificate on 12th Day of June 1993.


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