Petrus Godwin Mokoka

Petrus Godwin Mokoka was born on 27/02/1955 in Molepolole where he grew up and schooled in.


Brother Petrus Mokoka got saved late after the crusade of Reinhard Bonnke which was held in Gaborone when he was doing his form three at Kgari Sechele Secondary School. He believes that it was on the 7th day of August 1975 when he answered the ultimate question as to where he will spend his eternity.

Pastor Mokoka says that on the 30th   day of September 1975 during the Independence Day Celebrations Pastor Scheffers took the youth around the Gaborone Town and Tlokweng village and ended up at the newly built church structure which at that time it was just a building without people. On entering the building there while people were praying, Brother Petrus Mokoka was there by himself sobbing and Pastor Scheffers at the close of the prayer said the audience that God was calling on Brother Petrus Mokoka to come and serve Him!


He got married to Kedumetse Mminakgomo the 5th daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nthathe of Kanye in 1978 and they have been blessed with two boys.


At the end of November 1977 he started his ministry in Kanye where he spent 13 years before relocating to Jwaneng after receiving a word from the Lord to move to Jwaneng.

When he got to Kanye he says there was a congregation even though it was very small. Pastor Michael Kolisang had conducted a crusade in Kanye in 1976.  The people who were saved in these crusades are the ones I found and we retained them. Pastor P.G Mokoka served his practicals in Kanye during school vacations.

He took over the Assembly from Pastor Argent Curtin who was assisted by his son George Curtin and Christinah Stegling, these were the Leaders of Kanye Assembly. Pastor Argent Curtin was transferred to Ramotswa when Pastor Mokoka came in and took over the leadership in Kanye.

As a young Pastor his preaching was hard for the people he found and some of them could not stand this preaching and fell off from being members of the church.

When he got to Kanye he realized that every Sunday people prophesied but those who were “prophets”, their lives said something contrary to what they said, so he spoke against this and these prophesies subsided.

Pastor Mokoka in 1979 unified an existing congregation named Bantu Apostolic Faith Mission with the Apostolic Faith Mission in Letlhakane near Moshupa which had applied to be adopted by the church.

On the 10th day February 1979 Pastor P.G Mokoka was appointed by the Executive Council to be the National Chairman of Youth in the Church which he was tasked with setting it up and drafting regulations for it and to appoint other members by himself to form a steering committee. This led to Pastor Mokoka climbing the leadership ladder in the Apostolic Faith Mission.

He served as a member of the Executive Council, General Secretary, President as well as being the Secretary of the Apostolic Faith Mission International.

One of the things he concentrated in when he was posted in Kanye was to bring youth into the church and disciple them. He also majored in establishing the Apostolic Faith Mission in areas where it was not established. He followed any person whom he heard that he/she was a member of AFM and established a church where that person was.

Pastor P.G Mokoka was granted permission by the Executive Council on the 23rd day September 1982 to start a nursery school under the auspices of the Assembly Board in Kanye.

The nursery school started with 10 students, tuition fee was P20.00 per month. The school operated for some time and the Church Board decided that it must be closed because it was not self sustaining; however the Pastor’s wife Kedumetse Mokoka pleaded with them not to close the project and that instead she requested to be permitted to operate it as a private entity and her request was granted. The Pastor and his wife struggled with making the school viable and they got aid from World Vision and the school had a turnaround having more students, classes were built and sponsoring other projects in the village and now the Church Board decided to take back the project from the Pastor’s wife!

Evangelism Drive

He evangelized places such as Lekgolobotlo, Makopong, Digawana, Mmathethe, Ranaka, Tsabong, Hukuntsi and Kang, Khakhea, Mabutsane, Keng, Maokane and Bray.  However Kang died when Pastor M Sebokonyane was transferred there and the remaining members sought for refuge at Assemblies of God

Pastor Mokoka served as a Secretary of Ministers Fraternal in Kanye for many years.

Jwaneng Assembly

On the first Sunday of June 1990 Pastor Mokoka started a new church in Jwaneng, the first service was attended by four people being Brother Sonnie Kono, Mr. and Mrs. Burton and Pastor Mokoka himself.


Pastor Petrus Mokoka did his junior certificate at Kgari Sechele II Secondary School which he completed in 1975.

He was part of the four youngsters who were sent to Apostolic Bible College at the beginning of the year 1976 for a two year Ministerial Diploma, namely Brother Johannes Kgwarapi, Brother Allan Mokoka, Brother Bigboy Matumo.

Pastor Petrus Mokoka took it upon himself to advance in various courses related to his ministry. He holds a certificate on Project Management with Intec Institute in South Africa which he acquired in 1997; he acquired another certificate on Business Management in 2000 with Trident Institute also in South Africa.

In 2006 he went for Advanced Leadership training by Haggai Institute in Hawaii USA; he received a Diploma in Pastoral and Trauma Counseling in 2006 from University of Pretoria South Africa.  Pastor P.G Mokoka’s learning drive was now unstoppable as he received his Bachelors in Psycho-Therapy from the University of Pretoria in 2008.

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