Jonathan Bigboy Matumo

Jonathan Bigboy Matumo was born to Mr. Adam Ndife Matumo and Mrs. Matumo on the 24th day of September 1953 in Francistown.


Ija! If you were to judge this young man by the outside appearance you would mistake him terribly for a street child, you would not believe that he was an engineer in the making at the University of Botswana or an Educator in the hands of the potter.

Like his compatriots Jonathan Bigboy under the stupor of alcohol landed at the National Stadium in Gaborone where Reinhard Bonnke was holding a crusade in the year 1975. Jonathan could not do otherwise than to surrender his life to the uncreated Creator and take instructions from the Lord as to what his future has in store for him in relation to service.


Jonathan Bigboy Matumo was married to Lesego Portia Monaka from Lekgwabe in the Kgalagadi District on the 8th day of September 1977 and they were blessed by three daughters and two sons.


On the 11th day of January of the year of our Lord 1977 Pastor Matumo was deployed at his duty station after having had to cut short his Ministerial Diploma studies by a year in order to alleviate the shortage of Pastors in the church which was undergoing restructuring and revival in those years.

Pastor Jonathan Bigboy Matumo has for a period of 11 years served the Church as a Pastor in Molepolole and also a pioneer work to start a Bible College in Motopi in the Central District of Botswana where he spent one year  before his untimely demise due malaria.

Pastor Jonathan Bigboy Matumo has been described as a hard worker, zealous and loving person by those who were able to peep into his life during his short stay with us here. He was a man of prayer, who believed that for one to be successful in life there must be a connection between him and God. Before he could advance into any plan he believed in consulting with God first. He was a man of impeccable conduct who believed in honesty and straight talk in a polite way.

Pastor Jonathan Matumo served in Executive Council of the church immediately on his return from Bible Institute as a Member of the Executive, General Secretary as well as being the General Treasurer.

House to house ministry was his food! He served not because he was to be paid for the service, but because he obeyed the Master. In any case at his time of service the labor was higher than the pecuniary reward remunerated by the church!

Pastor Matumo moved his local Assembly into mobilizing and reaching the surrounding places of Molepolole including places like: Thamaga, Gakgatla, Gamodubu, Gakutlo, Kubung etc. Pastor Jonathan Bigboy Matumo believed that the Lord has flock in the fold and flock outside the fold which is not benefiting from the services of the fivefold ministry as we understand it and it is within our right to serve them also. He was truly ecumenical! To him Church was beyond the denominational bounds, he related well with the mainline church leadership and African Independent Churches which he very much helped to train their leadership.


In the year 1976 Brother Jonathan Bigboy Matumo was enrolled for a two year Diploma In Ministry in Apostolic Bible College started by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. He spent one year at the school and returned home to enter into ministry and had to do his final year through distance learning.

Pastor Jonathan Matumo, one would say he was self taught, he read volumes and volumes of Christian literature that could help him to understand God and God’s work.

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