Pastor William Simon Scheffers came to Botswana in 1948 as a Public Servant in the Public Works Department of the then Bechuanaland Protectorate. The church in Gaborone is believed to have been started by Pastor William Scheffers together with his brothers from Mafikeng; they started services at his house. Pastor W Scheffers became a successful businessman and he evangelised most of his workers who became members of the Apostolic Faith Mission upon their conversion, this was the beginning of the Gaborone Assembly.

Church Unification and revival:

Around 1971 William S. Scheffers went around the country with the purpose of unifying the church in Botswana under one umbrella.

He went to see Argent Curtin in Kanye, Samson Makwati in Molepolole and Mrs Mosamarea Baloyi in Mahalapye; from Mahalapye he travelled to Francistown to assess the position of the church there.

The move to unify the church was accepted with some miss-forgiving by the already established congregations such as Molepolole and Kanye especially that this was accompanied by the change of name from Apostolic Faith Mission to Christian Faith Mission. The elderly did not understand the reasons for the change and thought that Pastor Scheffers was now changing the church for his own benefit.

Church Name:

An application was made to the Registrar of Societies for the registration of the church in Botswana and the application was not successful due to similarities of names of the church The Apostolic Faith Mission in Botswana.

The name Christian Faith Mission in Botswana was proposed to the Registrar of Societies with the blessing of the Missions Director of the church in South Africa and it was accepted and the church was registered by the name Christian Faith Mission in Botswana as per church certificate dated 23rd July 1973.

The authorities however were benevolent enough in that they wrote an explanatory letter stating that the church existed previously under the name Apostolic Faith Mission in Botswana but the name was changed in order to meet one requirement of the law as per the Societies Act no 18 of 1972.

In 1985 the name of the church was changed back to The Apostolic Faith Mission of Africa in Botswana with the advice of Pastor Edgar Gschwend who was the Missions Director covering Botswana.


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