Mahalapye church is a sequel of the Francistown church as it found its establishment on the same grounds as the Francistown church since they were transformed together from being African indigenous churches into being Pentecostal movement.

Separation of the Mahalapye Church

Pastor Simon Modisane together with Peter Baloyi were sent from Mafikeng AFM Church into Botswana to come and clarify the beliefs and practices of the Apostolic Faith Mission.

The two came and addressed the church as to it being turned into an AFM church and the church split into two, one remained as Head Mountain the other one became AFM and a new meeting place for AFM was at Mr. Ramogwana’s place at Botalaote whilst the Head Mountain remained at France’s home.

Peter Baloyi remained in Mahalapye with the newly formed Apostolic Faith Mission and later got married to Miss Mosamarea Motlhabane in 1963. The church relocated the meeting place from Mr. Ramogwana’s place to Baloi’s home after his marriage.

He was also engaged in Social Welfare amongst elderly women by distributing food to them. But because Baloyi was not stable, he left the church, his wife and business and left for the then Rhodesia – present day Zimbabwe – where he settled, never to return to Botswana.

Mahalapye Church Plot

Mr. Mooki who was a preacher in the AFM found a church site for the church next to his premises, and the church moved to its own land in the year 1965 (current place).


  1. Suggestion: AFM has long grappled with the development of its conference center plot in Mahalapye but very little progress has been realized, I suggest that we open another AFM branch in Mahalapye and allow Mahalapye church to use the current conference center plot. This will ensure that that the plot has a consistent occupancy and motivate the church to fast track structural developments.

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