The Church in Kanye started in around 1936, and the Pioneers were Argent Curtin, Lilly Curtin, William Arthur Walker, Jeremiah Ludick,       George Martin Ludeker, Gert Petrus Stegling, Jan Adrian Curtin.

Argent Curtin was regarded as the leader assisted by Lilly Curtin.

The Church started in Mr and Mrs. Jan Adrian and Mitah Curtin’s house.

The Main Centre being Kanye.



The church in Kike started in 1937 meeting at Jeremiah Ludick’s place and sometimes it met at the William Walker’s family.

 Moshupa: The church met at Martha Stegling’s place.

Thamaga: The church met at Christian Stegling’s place.

Molepolole: The church met at Mrs. Alleta van Vuuren.

The history related here refers to the white church section at that time. In 1962 some of the Curtin’s families went back to South Africa and the church continued here under Berend Curtin and Christina Stegling.

Berend Curtin who was the secretary closed the church and it was not in use for a few months.

The closure of the church concerned Christina Stegling as to why the church was closed.

She went to Berend and requested for the church to be opened and it was opened in 1963.

The church after it was reopened in 1963 majored in evangelism and it began to have multi racial converts.

The new converts were baptised by Pastor Argent Curtin whenever there was a need for baptism and he had to come from South Africa to conduct baptismal services.

Then later Berend Curtin also went back to South Africa and the church remained under the care of Christina Stegling who was later assisted by George Curtin till his Parents returned in May 1968 and took over the leadership.


In 1947 the request for a piece of land to build a place of worship was made to Chief Bathoeng Gaseitsiwe II of Bangwaketsi and the request was not granted, part of the Steglings who were not the members of the Apostolic Faith Mission  opposed the allocation of the plot on the basis that the Church is noisy.  The Steglings who opposed the allocation of “The Apostolic Faith Mission” in Kanye were members of “The London Missionary Society” (L.M.S) the now “U.C.C.S.A.” The church spent 10 years without permanent place of worship.

Church plot purchase

In April 1973 Pastor William Scheffers helped with funds to purchase the plot adjacent to the existing church plot from Mr Scotch Phang in order to augment the church plot.

Claim of the Church Building by Maranatha people

Initially the Frank Curtin’s family wanted to sell the church building to the Pentecostal Holiness Church however this move was later abandoned.

After the church was formally registered under Christian Faith Mission the Frank Curtin’s Family took Artie Curtin to court claiming the church property as an inheritance from their Father intending to turn it over to Maranatha Pentecostal Church. The Frank Curtin’s family claim was not successful.

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